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Kasitas, a home for everyone.
A clean, modular — and affordable — home's and more.
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Kasitas, a home for everyone.
Expand your home overnight with bright, elevating, comfortable studio space for work or rest.​ ​Our modular studios and accessory dwellings are made-to-order and customized in concert with you.
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Bring you a, high quality, affordable homes.
for years starting any construction project has be intimidating. We created Kasitas to provide a solution for homeowners.
homes for everyone.
The Office
Perfect for people seeking a cozy retreat or a home office.
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homes for everyone.
The Single
Great addition to any house needing a guest house designed to accommodate any house.
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homes for everyone.
The Custom
Highly functional home perfect for optimizing land for living spaces.
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Select a button bellow to book to view one of our Kasitas in person or through zoom, to see our great craftsmanship and quality of our products.

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our Kasitas are all specially made Pre-fabricated tiny homes, made to last.

Smooth Set Up

Our offsite construction makes delivery and installation an easy plug and play solution. No need to manage contractors, or deal with messy construction sites.


A compact yet versatile living space designed to maximize functionality within it's dimensions. A thoughtfully optimized layout that makes the most of every inch.


A perfect solution for those seeking a private sanctuary or an additional space for guests. Its compact size allows for easy integration into existing properties.

All modules are designed for versatility and comfort.
We use the highest quality and most innovative building materials on the market, starting with Structural Insulated Panels to create a seamless building envelope,